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Dear Students and Parents

We welcome you to Golden Harrier School, with a commitment to encourage young learner towards society by giving equal education to all.

The purpose of education today is not just to make a person literate. Education today first and foremost is to prepare our students to develop life skills to handle any crisis they might encounter in the roller coaster geography of life. The purpose of education is not merely making a child literate but empowering the child with skills that will enhance his personality, make him a good human being and help him become a responsible citizen not just of our country but a global citizen in its true sense.

The teaching learning process has been evolving continuously and we have seen a huge change in terms of teaching strategies and methodologies. The changing face of education poses many challenges for the educators as they need to continuously improve methodology of teaching to suit the need and demand of changing times. The need is to pay attention to the personalized teaching of the individual instead of encouraging rote learning. Our young learners go through a very stressful time as students. Therefore, it becomes our prime responsibility to make learning interesting for our learners and keep them engaged to bring out the best in them.

We must ensure that our students develop a positive attitude towards life and be ready to defend the right against the wrong. We at Golden Harrier resolve to facilitate the growth of our children into mature human beings who value life and their cultural heritage. We at Golden Harrier are nation builders.
We prepare our students to be successful leaders of tomorrow to contribute in the economic, social and cultural progress of our country.

Mr. Amit Sehrawat

Managing Director
Golden Harrier School

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