Academic Events

To enrich students' life at school, widen their horizons and realize the potential and talent to the full, the school runs a comprehensive and diverse co-curricular activities programme that embraces disciplines of Sports & Action, Creativity, Music, Drama and other Performing Arts, Technology, Craft,Academic Clubs.Beside other activities Academic activities are also the part of Curriculum.

List of Events are:-

World Family Day Celebration 15th May 2020
Family is a single word with many different meanings.It holds a special place in the life of an individual. To embibe the value of togetherness and pay tribute to the family and its members, Golden Harrier School organised a fun filled activity on the occasion of World Family Day. Students of class 6-8 participated with great zeal and showcased their talent to make this day a special day. All the students prepared various beautiful cards, paintings and charts with the help of pictures, photographs, poems, quotes, messages and wishes. This activity was organised to instill the message that family is like branches on a tree that grows in different direction yet the root remains the same. Here are some glimpses of masterpiece created by our students.

Mothers Day Celebration 10th May 2020
Mothers are the beautiful creation by the Almighty...Mothers signify the epitome of unconditional love, unmatchable care and unbreakable trust.We tend to take our mothers for granted but we must turn the things around by showing selfless love to our dear mom's... Wishing all the super moms a happy mother's day.Students Celebrated Mothers Day with a great zeal.

More Activities Coming Soon.............